Secret CISO 6/30: Infosys Ransomware, Ticketmaster Breach, Bulgarian Hacker Arrest, Mass General Brigham Data Leak

Secret CISO 6/30: Infosys Ransomware, Ticketmaster Breach, Bulgarian Hacker Arrest, Mass General Brigham Data Leak

Welcome to today's edition of Secret CISO, where we unravel the latest in cybersecurity with a gripping narrative. — The Domino Effect of Data Breaches: A Global Cybersecurity Crisis

In a world where data breaches are becoming the norm, today's headlines paint a grim picture. Infosys McCamish Systems has fallen victim to a ransomware attack, compromising the personal data of over 6 million individuals. This breach is just the latest in a series of alarming incidents that highlight the vulnerabilities in our digital infrastructure. Meanwhile, in Bulgaria, notorious hacker Emil Külev has been arrested, potentially closing the chapter on a series of high-profile cybercrimes. But the damage is already done. Mass General Brigham has fired two employees after a significant patient data breach, raising questions about internal security protocols. The ripple effects are felt globally. Live Nation's Ticketmaster subsidiary has revealed a data breach affecting millions, and the Virginia Department of Elections database has surfaced on the dark web, casting a shadow over electoral integrity. In the corporate world, Cencora faces scrutiny over ambiguous valuations and data breach risks, while Secureworks' tabletop ransomware exercise offers a sobering look at the chaos that ensues when a company is under attack. As we navigate these turbulent waters, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more apparent. From the challenges faced by data centers in implementing liquid cooling systems to the vulnerabilities in popular file transfer tools like MOVEit, the stakes are higher than ever. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and join us as we delve into these stories and more in today's Secret CISO.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Stay tuned for more updates and insights in tomorrow's edition of Secret CISO. Stay safe, The Secret CISO Team

Data Breaches

  1. Ticketmaster Data Breach: Hackers claim over 500 million users compromisedA notorious hacker group has claimed responsibility for breaching the data of approximately 560 million Ticketmaster users globally. This massive breach has raised significant concerns about the security measures in place at Ticketmaster. Source: MSN
  2. Virginia Department of Elections Database HackedThe Virginia Department of Elections' vast electoral database has reportedly been hacked and is now available on the dark web. The attack, claimed by IntelBroker on a data breach forum, raises significant concerns about the security of electoral data. Source: RedHotCyber
  3. Planet Nissan Data Breach SettlementPlanet Nissan has settled a class action lawsuit concerning a 2022 data breach that affected about 1,000 people. Affected individuals have a limited time to claim payments worth $5,250 from the settlement. Source: The Sun
  4. Live Nation Data Breach at Ticketmaster SubsidiaryLive Nation has revealed a data breach at its Ticketmaster subsidiary, adding to the growing list of cybersecurity incidents affecting major companies. The breach has sparked concerns over the protection of customer data. Source: Fox13 Memphis
  5. DoorDash Data Breach Affecting 4.9 Million PeopleDoorDash has announced a data breach that has affected 4.9 million people. The breach has exposed sensitive user information, prompting the company to enhance its security measures. Source: The Verge

Security Research

  1. Are smart home security systems more of a security risk than a benefit? TechRadar explores the potential security risks posed by smart home security systems, highlighting a discovery by security researcher Paul Moore that Anker-owned Eufy's Doorbell Dual camera feed could be accessed via a web browser. This raises concerns about the overall security of smart home devices. Source: TechRadar
  2. Top 7 Hacking Movies Exploring Cybercrime and Security. The Cyber Express lists the top 7 hacking movies that delve into cybercrime and security, including the 2006 action thriller "Firewall," which centers on a security expert for a Seattle-based bank. These films provide a cinematic look at the world of cybersecurity. Source: The Cyber Express
  3. Four Dublin researchers presented with inaugural Lero Research Awards. Four researchers from Dublin, including Dr. Liliana Pasquale from University College Dublin, received the inaugural Lero Research Awards to further their work in cybersecurity. These awards support engineering and research efforts in the field. Source: Dublin Gazette
  4. ABI Research: OT cybersecurity market to reach $21.6 billion by 2028 amid increased industrial defense. ABI Research forecasts that the operational technology (OT) cybersecurity market will grow to $21.6 billion by 2028, driven by advancements in network security, segmentation technologies, identity and access management, and endpoint protection. Source: Industrial Cyber
  5. This AI Paper from UC Berkeley Research Highlights How Task Decomposition Breaks the Safety of AI Systems. Researchers from UC Berkeley have demonstrated that task decomposition in AI systems can compromise their security, leading to potential misuse. This research underscores the need for robust safety measures in AI development. Source: MarkTechPost

Top CVEs

  1. Internet2 Grouper before version 5.6 has a critical authentication bypass vulnerability when using LDAP authentication in specific configurations. This flaw allows unauthorized access to sensitive systems, posing significant security risks. Source: CVE-2024-39848
  2. Factorio versions before 1.1.101 are vulnerable to arbitrary code execution via crafted servers. Attackers can exploit Lua base module functions to execute bytecode, potentially compromising client systems. Source: CVE-2024-39840
  3. NewPass versions before 1.2.0 store passwords in plaintext rather than as hashes, making it easier for attackers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. Although data at rest is encrypted, it is decrypted in process memory, increasing exposure. Source: CVE-2024-39846
  4. The WP MAPS plugin for WordPress up to version 4.6.1 is vulnerable to SQL Injection via the 'id' parameter in the 'put_wpgm' shortcode. Authenticated attackers with contributor-level access can exploit this to extract sensitive information from the database. Source: CVE-2024-2386
  5. Ingenico Estate Manager 2023 has a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the New Widget Handler component. The flaw allows remote attackers to inject malicious scripts via the URL argument, potentially compromising user data. Source: CVE-2024-6415

Final Words

As we wrap up today's edition of Secret CISO, it's clear that the cybersecurity landscape is as dynamic and challenging as ever. From the Infosys McCamish Systems ransomware attack affecting over 6 million people to the arrest of Bulgarian hacker Emil Külev, each story underscores the importance of staying vigilant and informed. We hope you found today's insights valuable and actionable. Remember, cybersecurity is a collective effort, and the more we share knowledge, the stronger we become.

If you found this newsletter helpful, please share it with your friends and colleagues. Together, we can build a more secure digital world. Stay safe, stay informed, and see you in the next edition of Secret CISO! Best regards, The Secret CISO Team P.S. Don't forget to follow us on social media for real-time updates and exclusive content!

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